Fermentation is a unique process with great potential. It easily satisfies in a positive way a large number of criteria which can be applied to a feasible method of food processing. It is an environment friendly process, consume less energy, produce less waste and easy to manage under house hold conditions as well as in industrial scale. It is a typical example of bio-diversity put into efficient use, could be applied to a wide verity of raw materials to produce a variety of different finished food products. It has the advantage of being generally regarded as safe (GRAS) and at the same time offer immense opportunity for production of products which can be classified as “organic foods”, “natural foods”, “health foods”, “convenience foods”,” ethnic foods” “neutraceuticals” “functional foods” and not to forget “food for clinical nutrition”. Fermented foods are manufactured and consumed in practically every parts of the world. Cereals, pulses, root crops, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish are preserved by one or other method of fermentation in some part of the world. The knowledge of making traditional fermented foods has been recognised to be of immense value to the future generations by FAO, WHO and a number of other related agencies.  It may also be mentioned that Dr. Metchnikoff who was awarded one of the earliest Nobel prizes was also famous for his observations on the effect of fermented foods on the health status and well-being of human beings. That was some time in the year 1908. Now in 2003 after all these years, the positive effects of fermented foods with prebiotic substances and, probiotic organisms in synbiotic foods is a matter of great attention among the researchers, medical practitioners, food companies, and marketing agencies, because the demand for such products is enormous and growing fast day by day”.

To bring together scientists, governmental agencies, nongovernmental organizations, industry representatives, producers, consumers and any body else who may be interested in playing a role in promoting fermented foods, public health and social well-being in general and of the poor in particular.

To put spot light on the importance of developing finished products of added value for the globalised market, preferably novel fermented functional products.
• To become a strong and active network of scientists and others who are interested
   in fermented foods.
• To promote advanced research and higher education in fermentation as a
   sustainable food processing technology.
• To promote development of fermented functional foods by developing
   collaborative network projects.
• To have a server for maintaining a website of the network with provision for
   interactive communication between the members.
• To establish and maintain an up-to-date data base on fermented foods of south Asia
   for information retreival.
• To produce and publish a quarterly journal carrying scientific articles
   on fermented functional foods.
• To own a model laboratory accredited not only to do research and development of
   fermented functional foods but also to scientifically test and document the data
   necessary/required to assert the positive effects in support of the health claims.
• To own a model production facility for producing and marketing fermented
   functional food products developed by its members and/or other stakeholders.
To develop a forum for scientists of the south Asian countries, Sweden and other countries for exchanging information in the field of food fermentation and its practical application.

To promote collaborative research programmes among the scientists of Sweden and south Asian countries in the development of fermented foods as well as foster and maintain research links with scientists of similar interest all over the world.

To collect and disseminate knowledge on fermentation of foods from south Asian countries and to collaborate with food industries in product development and marketing of fermented foods.

To organize conferences, workshops, seminars and symposia.
• To provide ready access to a network of leading scientists.
• To provide rapid response for urgent issues.
• To provide a forum for an unbiased interaction to scientists, government
   agencies, nongovernmental organizations industries producers and consumers.
• To be a source of up-to-date knowledge in the area of fermented functional foods.
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